Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is an invisible, maintenance-free, high-comfort, energy-saving option, with no space-consuming radiators. It's ideal for use with modern condensing boilers.

Operating throughout the Somerset & Avon area, Total Plumb can install underfloor heating systems in many different types of floor construction and surfaces.

What are the advantages?

  • • Air convection is lower, so the heat is nearer the feet, not the head. That means much greater comfort - and much less dust.
  • • None of your precious floor space is taken up by radiators. You can furnish as you like and give full expression to your interior design talents!
  • • Compared with conventional radiator systems, underfloor heating makes little or no noise.
  • • It’s more hygienic. Less dust helps to reduce house dust mites.
  • • Underfloor heating can mean lower running costs. Energy savings of up to 40 per cent are possible with an underfloor heating system.
  • • Low-temperature system: gas, oil, solar and electricity are all sources from which underfloor heating can work.
  • • Value-for-money comfort - underfloor heating is considered a luxury by some, yet the actual cost is highly competitive.

Underfloor heating installation is usually quick and straightforward. Contact Total Plumb for further information and a free, no-obligation estimate.