Power Flush

What is a power flush?

A power flush gives your central heating system a thorough internal clean and usually improves its efficiency - which should mean more warmth and lower bills. The results can be amazing!

Why do central heating systems need power flushing?

Over time, the performance and efficiency of your heating system can decline as debris collects in the radiators. This in turn can lead to boiler failure and costly repairs. Power flushing is the fastest and most effective solution. Not only does it ensure your system is really clean and giving you maximum heat output, it can also extend the life of your boiler.

How does power flushing work?

Because the water in a central heating system is always pumped in the same direction, sludge builds up in each radiator. This reduces the efficiency of your radiators and boiler. A professional power flush involves flushing in different directions, agitating and breaking down the debris with special chemicals so the system can be drained of the deposits.

And then what happens?

The pump fills the system with fresh water from the main and resuming normal operation takes only a few minutes. Chemicals are added to the clean water to prevent further corrosion and maintain maximum efficiency.

Sounds good - so when should I get the job done?

If you're fitting a new boiler to an old system, building regulations demand that the system must be power flushed; failure to do so may even invalidate the warranty.

But why wait until then? A power flush now by Total Plumb can save you £££s later. Warning signs to look out for during routine operation include:

  • • Cold or partly cold radiators
  • • Radiators that need frequent bleeding
  • • Dirty radiator water
  • • Noisy pipes or boiler
  • • Pump breakdowns

Total Plumb offers expert power flushing services across the Somerset & Avon area at competitive prices. Contact us for further details and a free, no-obligation estimate.